Healthy eating habits

We all have habits around eating - we don’t just eat when we’re hungry, there are other reasons too.

We may love the taste of particular food, or eat because others are eating and we’re expected to join in.  We may eat when we need a break, when we can’t sleep, or if we’re feeling down and want a treat.  Food is everywhere these days, and hard to resist when it catches our eye. You might find your eating habits have changed now you are pregnant?

Some eating habits are healthier than others. It can be hard to listen to our bodies, and eat only what we need rather than what we want.  So let’s start to think about our own eating habits.

    Healthy Eating Habits Less Healthy Eating Habits
    • Eating together as a family
    • Eating breakfast
    • Stop eating when full
    • Turn TV and other screens off when eating
    • Eating when hungry
    • Regular mealtimes
    • Using things other than food as a treat
    • Too many snacks between meals
    • Eating in front of TV
    • Emotional eating – fed up, lonely, sad, happy etc.
    • Eating too quickly
    • Snacking while cooking


        What ideas do you have for small changes you’d like to make to your eating habits?