Let's talk about sugar

When it comes to our daily eating habits during pregnancy - reducing the amount of high-sugar foods and drinks we eat will help us avoid risks to our health through extra weight gain and tooth decay.

Eating less sugar means we’re healthy role models for our babies and children too.

Sugar is used to flavour most pre-prepared foods, and not just sweet ones but savoury too! These are ‘hidden’ sugars which means we can end up eating more sugar than we think we are.  Many every day foods and drinks contain close to, or more than, the recommended daily maximum for adults – which is 30g the equivalent of about 7 teaspoons or cubes of sugar

Eating foods high in sugar from time to time is not going to do us much harm, but eating them every day is not good for our health or our teeth.

Changing our habits isn’t always easy, especially if you like sweet things. Here are a few sugar swap ideas to help reduce the amount of sugar you eat:

Instead of... Why not try?
Sweets, chocolate or dried fruit Vegetable sticks or fresh fruit
Sugar-sweetened drinks  Sparkling water with wedge of lemon or orange
Sugary breakfast cereal Porridge made from plain oats, or lower sugar, wholegrain breakfast cereals
Cakes and biscuits Plain rice cakes, toast or bagel
Flavoured, sweetened yoghurt Chopped fruit, or frozen fruit added to natural unsweetened yoghurt
Sweetening food with sugar Try adding some chopped dried fruit
Jar of ready-made pasta sauces Homemade simple sauce using tinned tomatoes and some chopped up veg