​​​​​​​What activities can I do to keep active?

Before exploring ideas for activities you might like - let’s look at what you already do to keep active.

Remember that everything from walking to work , or your children to school, using the stairs instead of the lift, dancing to your favourite music, going for a bike ride or carrying shopping bags all count towards the recommended 30 minutes of activity a day.

Have a go at the activity habits exercise below to find out more about your activity habits - Consider which of these statements apply to you and your daily life. 

  • I build being active into my daily life
  • I use being busy as an excuse for not being active
  • Being active is part of my social life
  • I use the car for short journeys
  • I walk 10,000 steps a day
  • I like to try new activities
  • I use the stairs rather than lift/escalator
  • I enjoy being active
  • I’d rather watch a film or TV programme than be active
  • I do 30 minutes or more of moderate activity a day
  • When my energy is flagging, I boost it by being active

What did you discover about your activity habits?

Fitting activity into busy lives can be challenging, so choose something that is enjoyable, fun, easy and works for you.

Take a moment to think of an activity you would like to do more of or maybe try for the first time - what else can you do to build activity into your daily life?

Jot down your thoughts in the box below.

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