What foods do for us

Foods in each of the food groups provide us with different nutrients. We thrive when we have a wide range of different foods to give us everything we need.

The Eatwell Guide


Click on the different food groups to find out some of the ways that foods nourish us and our baby during pregnancy

  • Contain vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system.
  • Fibre helps maintain a healthy digestion system and prevent constipation.
  • Some fruit and vegetables provide carbohydrates for energy.
  • Important source of energy.
  • Keep blood sugar stable, so we feel fuller for longer.
  • Wholegrain bread, pasta, rice etc. are best for adults and children over 2 years as they contain more nutrients and fibre than their white equivalents and take longer to digest.



  • Dairy products also contain protein, which supports growth and builds and maintains muscle.
  • Source of calcium, iodine, zinc, vitamins A and D and riboflavin, which are important for strong, healthy bones.


  • These contain vitamins A.D and E for growth, a healthy immune system and healthy bones and teeth.
  • Oils provide some essential fatty acids which are needed for brain and tissue development.
  • Fats are high in calories so consume small amounts and choose oils high in unsaturated fatty acids.


If you’re vegetarian or vegan - ask your midwife, dietitian or GP to check you’re getting enough iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D for you and your baby.